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How To Preserve Your Primary Source of Income

Do you agree that we need to preserve our source of Livelihood?

Your livelihood brings the income that caters to your basic necessities like accommodation, clothing, and feeding.

Watch the video above for answers to the following questions:

❓What is your livelihood?

❓How can you protect it more?

❓How can you increase its flow?

Your primary source of income is what caters to your living expenses which is why it is called a source of livelihood.

The primary expenses that your primary source of income caters for are:

✅Your shelter - The roof over your head

✅ Your clothing - What you wear to keep you warm

✅ Your food - what you eat to give you energy

Your primary source of income can be possibly from:

👉🏼 Your employment - which you paid from

👉🏼 Your business - especially if you are self-employed

👉🏼 Your partnership - if you need this income for your livelihood

There are three expectations of you that you need to meet in order to preserve your primary source of income, they are:

1️⃣ Contractual obligation - this is the primary reason why you are in that place. It might be part of a clearly defined contract, job description, or memorandum of understanding. You need to fulfill this.

2️⃣ Expected Obligation - this is an expectation of you that is not clearly defined but it is implied that you will fill it. Many times, it is not in your job description, contract, or memorandum of understanding. Many times, you discover this by accident. You need to understand this.

3️⃣ Perceived Obligation - this is an expectation that you have of yourself. This is what sets you apart and truly ensures that you add value in that setting. This is what makes you exceed expectations. You need to develop this.

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