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Support David Adabale in Lusaka, Zambia

About The Project


Support David Adabale as he goes to Lusaka Zambia for 2 days of inspiration where he will be teaching on the following areas:

     Turning your mess into a message

     Wednesday,12th Oct 2022 | 6pm

     Locating & fulfilling your assignment

     Sun, 16th Oct 2022 | 7:30am & 9:30am

Location: Mount Zion Christian Centre, More House. Kabulonga. Lusaka, Zambia.


If you are in Lusaka Zambia, or within reach of Lusaka, you do not want to miss this life-changing teaching! Come along with your friends and family. 

During his trip to Zambia, David plans to give away a large amount of his books; Diamond Believer, and Locating & Fulfilling Your Assignment, to those that need them in Zambia for the purpose of being a blessing to them. 

To do this, we need your support. Your donation will go toward the book purchases which David plans to give as a blessing in Zambia.

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Zambia 2022 Donations


Thank you for your support

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