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How To Overcome Procrastination - Take Action | The Moment Test | Talk Show by David Adabale

Your action is the only physical proof that you believe in your assignment. What action(s) will you take today?

Faith without action is dead - Faith is made alive by the corresponding action

You don’t need the 7 principles, 5 strategies, or 3 steps to get things done. You only need ONE action; Just do it

Faith & Corresponding action go together; ‘hand in glove’ – Your action should be inspired by your faith and your faith should be proven by your action.

Your faith inspires your action, and your action proves your faith


The Moment Test is a LIVE talk show hosted by David Adabale where we discuss topics on what really matters every Monday at 8 pm. The aim of the program is to inspire a life of purpose, fulfillment, and legacy. Join me LIVE every Monday and let's discuss what really matters. LET'S CONNECT - Instagram

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