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Systems For Living: How To Manage Your Time, Talents, Thoughts, Relationships & Assets Effectively


In order to live a purposeful and effective life, you must have positive habits (systems) to manage your time, talents, thoughts, relationships and assets.


The Systems for Living book, taken from the successful online training programme will teach you about:

  • Resource Management; Time, Talents, Thoughts, Trust (Relationships) and Treasures (Assets)
  • Your Authentic Destination: Uniquely designed for you
  • The Law of Order: Creating space for only the important things
  • Training Not Trying: In order to enjoy and sustain the process
  • Planning Your Week Around Your Goals
  • Enjoying Your Typical Day
  • Managing Your Monthly Calendar
  • Enjoying Where You Are on The Way to Your Destination
  • And much more…


There is no point rushing up a ladder only to discover that it is leaning on the wrong wall. Discover your purpose and motive; then drive towards your dream with passion.


In life, if you need to take a ‘one-off action’, just do it. If you must do it more than once, don’t just do it, systemise it.

Systems For Living

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