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Is Your Book Ready?: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing, Publishing & Marketing Your Book


'Everybody has at least one book in them including you.'


That does not mean everyone will write a book, but everyone is a potential author.


So if you are an established author or a ‘want to be author’, consider all your book writing problems solved.

Is your book ready? (and Build Media Team book) is a wonderful book resource that gives you a step by step guide on how to successfully write, publish and market your next book.


This book is designed to:

  • Inspire you from thinking about writing a book to writing a book
  • Educate authors and potential authors on the book writing and marketing process
  • Equip authors with recommended systems for writing, publishing, and marketing their next book

Furthermore, this book gives tips on how to overcome the challenges that authors face including procrastination, writers block, workload and so much more.


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From the book you will learn how to:

  • Clarify why you are writing your book
  • Set the vision for your book
  • Identify the audience for your book
  • Understand the basics of your book business
  • Draw up the project plan, budget, and timetable for your book production
  • Track your book writing, publishing, and marketing progress
  • Design a market testing plan for your book
  • Design the PR campaign for your book
  • Administer the legal and registration process for your book
  • Prepare for our book launch
  • Plan for ‘Life after your book launch’
  • Break-even and recoup the financial investment of publishing your book
  • Harness your book to increase revenue, data capture & further opportunities


Is your book read also come with:

  • 10 Chapter exercises to facilitate your learning
  • 100 checklist to track your progress towards your book
  • Structure and outline of your Book
  • 5 spices to make your book standout
  • 5 recommendations for your book publishing and more


You have a book in you, now is the time to share it with the world!

Is Your Book Ready?

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