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Diamond Believer For Teens: Living My Best Life For God


Over 200 questions & answers for teenagers about how to develop a relationship with God, overcome pressures, dealing with crisis and much more.


Being a teenager in today’s world can be very daunting. Diamond Believer for Teens contains practical and scripture-based answers to over 200 questions relating to teenagers in dealing with relationship with God, overcoming pressures, dealing with crisis and more


Diamond Believer for Teens follows on the success of the Original book ‘Diamond Believer.’ With practical and scripture-based answers to over 200 questions, providing inspiration for teenagers in overcoming issues of identity, managing pressure, dealing with crisis, understanding growth processes, discovering the advantages of crisis, and so much more. The Q & A format makes it easy to read both as a general book and a reference book.


Key questions answered include, how can teenagers:

  • Deal with the unfairness of life
  • Remain motivated during tough times
  • Develop a relationship with God
  • Hear God clearly
  • Implement practical skills from the bible into their lives

Diamond Believer Teens

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