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Diamond Believer: Fashioned by God - Precious to man


Going through a Joseph-type experience can be a devastatingly difficult, and insurmountable experience; False accusations, broken promises, un-explainable challenges are all part of the package. When circumstances of life are thrown at you, do you wonder why this is happening to you, and where God is in all of this? How do you make sense of it? You’ve tried everything to make amends, but you seem to go further backward.


I wrote this book as a source of inspiration for those who desire to do God's will for their lives but are discouraged because of the process.


I can remember that morning at 5:00 am during my devotion time; I spent the whole hour crying when all the experiences of the last ten years raced through my mind, as I sobbed uncontrollably due to the challenging experiences I’ve had. I then realised the similarities between myself and Joseph; seeing his brothers after a 13-year pit/slavery/prison experience. The depth, pressure, and heat of the process were intense and prolonged.


The lessons in this book are not theory, but the result of real-life experience sustained by the grace of God. I knew that my experience was not just for me, but an opportunity to encourage others who are struggling with the process of becoming a Diamond Believer, who is fashioned by God and precious to man.


This book will help you to understand the 'What' to your 'Why' and learn the 'How' to use what seems negative to your advantage. It also empowers you to continue the journey of being fashioned by God, which will make you precious to man and have eternal significance.


A Diamond Believer is a Christian that is fashioned by God and precious to man. They embrace the dealings of God, which increases their value over time.


You are a Diamond Believer. Your tears today are to be the rain on someone’s dessert.

Diamond Believer

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