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Destiny Calling!!!

A FREE Webinar To Help You Discover & Fulfil Your Purpose

Hey there, if I tell you that I can help you discover or gain clarity about your purpose, would you believe it?

Take a leap of faith today and answer #DestinyCalling by registering for the FREE 2 hours online session that will help you toward your destiny fulfillment.

What is webinar about?

Destiny Calling – A 2-hour, 1 day program that helps you locate your life assignment and enjoy your journey towards destiny fulfilment


  1. Support people in their journey towards destiny fulfilment

  2. Introduce people to the Fulfilment Course

  3. Signpost to further training programme


The sessions are held once a month. Click here to check the next session.

Who is this initiative for?

  1. Those who want to locate and fulfil their assignment

  2. Those who want to want to be part of a support group towards fulfilling their assignment.

  3. Those who want further to support towards their destiny fulfilment

How: Commit 2 hours

  1. Introduction, Welcome and Testimonial

  2. Your Manifesto

  3. 5WsHNS

  4. Fulfilment course options – Safe pace audio, Safe Pace video, Live, Teens

  5. Milestones

  6. The Power of 15 Minutes

  7. Your personal assessment

  8. Q & A

Now What?:

What Participants will gain: You will get insight into how to:

  1. Identify your assignment

  2. Define your purpose

  3. Clarify your motive

  4. Determine your audience

  5. Ascertain your location

  6. Discern your timing

  7. Document your process

  8. Pinpoint your action

  9. Recognise the support you require and

  10. Reaffirm your identity

You only have one life to live and one is enough if you live it well – #DavidAdabale

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